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Sling Cradle


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Sling cradle

What is a swing cradle?

A sling cradle is characterized by the fact that it is almost exclusively made of fabric. In many sling cradles there is a mattress at the bottom, but a sling cradle has no fixed base. A sling cradle is designed in such a way that the child will have an ergonomically good position when the child lies in its sling cradle. A sling cradle will always have to be hung either from a hook in the ceiling, or on a stand that has been created for a sling cradle. The smart thing about a sling cradle is that you can easily move it around the different rooms, by having hooks in the ceiling in several places, or choose one of the sling cradles that can be placed on a door frame.

Therefore, you can always have your child close to you when the child is sleeping, because a sling cradle can be hung exactly where you want. A sling cradle is created to give the child enormous security when the child needs to sleep. Therefore, many experts also recommend that if you have a child with colic, you should try a sling cradle that can give the child the same feeling as when the child is embraced by mother or father, which is often the only thing that works when a colic child has to fall asleep.

Why choose a swing cradle?

Getting the little one to sleep can be quite a challenge. The movements of a sling cradle cause a really gentle reaction that will make your child more aware of his own body. With its movements, a sling cradle will help stimulate the child's senses, and thus your child will develop his motor skills from an early age, while also strengthening the child's balance. A sling cradle will remind the child of the feeling it had when the child was inside the mother's belly, and in this way your child will feel more secure.

The sling cradle surrounds your child in a way that makes the child feel embraced, which gives the child an enormous sense of security, while also making the child feel both close and warm. Therefore, your child will calm down more quickly, because the child feels surrounded in a really nice way. Small children love caves, and the more the sleeping space feels like a cave, the greater the chance that the child will sleep safely in his swing cradle.

A sling cradle will give the child a safe and close feeling, while the child is rocked and cradled, just as the child remembers from the mother's womb.

How to find the right swing cradle

When you have to choose the right swing cradle for your child, there are several things to consider. Firstly, it is extremely important that your child has air around his head when the child is lying in his swing cradle. This is important because the child must be able to get plenty of oxygen, while at the same time the child must not get too hot around the head. Therefore, you must choose a sling cradle that fits your child's size, it must not be too small.

It is also a good idea to choose a sling cradle which has a good mattress so that the child does not get lost in its sling cradle. Next, you should consider what material your swing cradle is made of, to be sure that it does not contain any harmful substances. Your child will be closely surrounded by the fabric on the swing cradle, and therefore it is important that it does not bother the child's delicate skin.