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Vi kör just nu en majrea 😍 Spara 20-93% på nästan allting 🚀
Vi kör just nu en majrea 😍 Spara 20-93% på nästan allting 🚀

Terms and Conditions

Trade and Membership Terms on Bon Petit

Bon Petit is an online platform that offers excellent discounts to its members on family and child-related products. To become a member of Bon Petit, you must confirm that you are 18 years of age or older during your first purchase.

platform is exclusive to private individuals and costs SEK 298. per month for membership. Your membership is automatically renewed each month until you decide to terminate it.

You can cancel your membership at any time by logging into your account at Bonpetit.se and selecting "End Membership" under "My Account". Please note that for technical reasons you can only cancel your membership 48 hours after creation. Once your request for termination has been received, you will receive an e-mail confirmation on the termination. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, please contact our customer service via e-mail to ensure cancellation.

It is also possible to shop without membership, but you have to pay regular prices. We recommend that you create a membership to get discounted prices and additional benefits.

How to buy on Bon Petit

At Bon Petit you have two ways of purchase to choose from. If you want to become a member and have access to special offers and significant savings. By choosing a membership price, a membership is automatically created for you, as stated on the website. You will be asked to choose membership and pay the membership price at the checkout.

on the other hand, if you prefer to shop at normal prices without membership, you can move on to the guest box and buy your goods at normal price. Please note that you cannot add a membership through this method. Making a purchase at a normal price does not give you access to the benefits of being a member.

After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Please note that we do not send an email when your order is sent. Instead, you will receive a message from GLS or Postnord when your package is ready for pickup or delivery.

If you need a physical copy of your order confirmation, send an email to hej@bonpetit.se.

order of specific products

You can order goods exclusively through our online universe at Bon Petit. If you have any questions regarding specific brands or articles that are currently not available on our platform, please contact us via e-mail at hej@bonpetit.se. We will do our best because you respond to all of your wishes.

cancel an order

If you want to cancel an order after you have made a purchase, please contact our customer service directly by phone and enter your order number together with the details for the parts you want to cancel . Please note that an order can only be canceled if our warehouse has not yet begun to process it.

quantity restrictions at Bon Petit

When you shop at Bon Petit, there are restrictions on the amount of all products. Unless otherwise stated on the product page, the maximum purchase limit for all products is three identical goods per order. This is to prevent additional sales and ensure that all customers can benefit from the competitive prices of our products.

due to technical restrictions, our online system cannot automatically maintain this limit. Therefore, we have included this information in our terms and we will inform you via e-mail if you have purchased more than the limit for three goods.

If you have accidentally ordered more than three identical goods, our team will adjust your order accordingly and issue a refund for the excess amount within some working days.

If you have any questions regarding quantity restrictions or would like to ask to buy more than the limit, you are welcome to contact us via email.

Bon Petit's product prices

When you shop at Bon Petit, each product shows two types of prices: a normal price and a membership price. Membership prices are offered exclusively to all Bon Petit members and can save them up to 100 % as we offer several free products to our members. On average, our products provide a saving of 45 % on all article numbers.

The normal prices shown are for customers who choose not to sign a membership. The normal price does not provide the same high level of savings. Although the normal price may be the recommended sale price in other stores or web shops, it is not always so.

A mark will appear at the top of each product with the percentage saved. This saving is calculated by comparing the normal price with the membership price.

All prices shown on bonpetit.se are in kronor.

free products at Bon Petit

Bon Petit members are eligible to choose a free product per order. Only members receive these products for free, otherwise the regular price applies. Please note that only one free item is allowed per order made at Bon Petit. If more than one item is selected, our warehouse simply selects a product to send with the order.

payments on Bon Petit

Stripe payment is the only payment method available on Bon Petit. Customers can pay with Visa Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard. To simplify the payment process, all payment and card fees are included in the price that Bon Petit stands for. Membership and product payments are only accepted via debit cards. Debit the amount will only take place when Bon Petit sends the products or initiates the membership.

All prices on Bon Petit are including VAT and are calculated on a daily basis. Please note that the prices specified are daily prices.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

We strive to deliver your package as quickly as possible and in many cases the calculated delivery times can be shorter than stated. As a member you can enjoy faster delivery times. When purchasing products at membership prices, you can expect faster delivery than when purchasing at normal prices. Members' orders are always packed first, which provides faster delivery times.

Orders made with Bon Petit are sent via the selected shipping provider and delivered directly to your address (shared private delivery) or an optional package store (without distribution). Members can expect delivery times of 2-4 working days for internal stock products. Goods that are not in stock can take up to 14 working days for delivery, but we strive to deliver these goods even faster. Remote stock orders for members will be packed before normal price orders. If you place an order at a normal price, the expected delivery time is 25-30 business days.

You can check the product's stock status and see it on your order confirmation. If the product is at a distance, this will be indicated next to the product on the right side of your order confirmation. Members receive free shipping on their first order, with subsequent orders charged with SEK 39 .. Non-members are charged a shipping fee of SEK 59. when purchasing at normal prices. For delivery to private address, the shipping fee is SEK 59. for members and SEK 39. for delivery to a package store.

new members can get free shipping for their first order if they choose to have it delivered to a package store. If you have ordered a personal product, such as an item with a customized name or text, wait up to 14 working days for delivery, although we will try to deliver these goods even faster.

If you have any further questions, you can find more information about our policies by visiting our website or contacting our customer service via e-mail, telephone or written communication. Our friendly customer service representatives are available to help you and provide additional information about your expected delivery time for specific products and orders.

Retriors and Return Rights

Bon Petit allows a 14-day period to cancel an order and return goods. This period begins the day you receive the item. To cancel and return an item, please notify us within 14 days via e-mail at hej@bonpetit.se.

We will respond within 48 hours on weekdays and ask you to include your order number and a description of the goods you want to return.

Please note that you cannot regret a purchase by simply refusing to receive the item, unless you have arranged this with us via email. If the item is sealed, you cannot regret or return it if the seal has been broken after delivery, or if the label has been removed or damaged.

It is important to note that the 14-day right of withdrawal only applies to physical products. Because digital products, including access to membership, are available immediately, there is no right of withdrawal for these goods.

return of product

If you want to use your 14-day dish to cancel a physical product, you must return it to us immediately and no later than 14 days after you notified us about your decision to cancel. You are responsible for paying any costs in connection with returning the item. It is important to pack the product properly for return when you are responsible for being returned safely and that it can be traced if the package is dropped. After sending the package, please notify our customer service at hej@bonpetit.se so we can start processing your return from delivery date.

the condition of the product on return

According to Danish legislation, you are only responsible for any reduction in the value of the product caused by handling that goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product. Specifically, you can try the product in the same way you would do in a physical store. If you have used the product beyond what is necessary, we believe it is used. In this case, if you regret the purchase, you will only receive a partial refund or no refund at all, depending on the commercial value of the product. The value of the product is determined by Bon Petit based on its condition.

For wellness products, the original packaging can be a crucial part of the product's value, as damage to the packaging can make it impossible to resell the product. Therefore, we urge you to return the item with undamaged packaging.

refund at returns

If you change your purchase, we will refund the amount paid. However, if there is any reduction in the value of the goods due to your handling in addition to what is necessary to determine the nature of the product, properties and functionality, we will deduct that amount from your refund. This is in accordance with our Policy on Bon Petit.

To initiate the repayment process, please email us at hej@bonpetit.se to inform us about your decision within 14 days after you receive the product. Please note that the refusal to receive the package is not considered a valid return.

Once you have informed us about your decision to cancel the purchase, we will refund all payments, including delivery costs (excluding any extra costs incurred by choosing a different delivery form than The cheapest standard delivery we offer on Bon Petit), without unnecessary delay and no later than 14 days from the date we received your message. The repayment will be made with the same means of payment that you used for the original purchase. However, we can withhold the repayment until we get the item back, or until you give proof that you have returned the item.

Content on return

When you return an order, be sure to attach a copy of the order confirmation, the e-mail that notifies us about the return and any correspondence you had with our customer service at hey@bonpetit.se .

right of complaint

Bon Petit gives 24 months of complaint from the delivery date. This means that you have the opportunity to get the item repaired, replaced, repaid or get price deductions depending on the situation. Keep in mind that the complaint must be justified and that the defect has not arisen due to incorrect use of the product or other harmful behavior. In addition, for products with a limited service life, the right to complain is also limited.

When should I report a problem?

If you find something wrong or defect in a product purchased from Bon Petit, it is important to inform us as soon as possible or within a reasonable time frame after you discover the problem . You can contact us at hej@bonpetit.se and we will handle your complaint as above. It is always recommended to make a complaint within two months after the defect is discovered to ensure rapid treatment.

refund of shipping costs

If you want to report an error on a product you may need to send it to us by arrangement.

Enter a detailed description of the problem with the product and attach images to any damage or defects when returning it. If your complaint is valid, we will refund your reasonable shipping costs.

Please note that we cannot receive packages sent against postage or similar methods. It is important to ensure that the product is properly packed and that you receive proof of delivery to demand a refund for your shipping costs and track your package.

Your chosen shipping company must be able to track the package if it disappears.

use of gift cards or discount codes

If you have purchased a gift card it can be redeemed in stores. This also applies to discount codes from campaigns or similar campaigns. Only one ambassador code can be used per member, whether it is the same discount code or from any of our ambassadors.Pr. member. This applies to both the same Rabat code or on the other side of our ambassadors.

Do you need to submit a complaint?

If you want to make a complaint on your purchase, please contact our customer service at hi@bonpetit.se .

If we cannot find a solution, you can submit a complaint to the Center for Complaints solution, provided the conditions are met. You can contact the Center for Complaint Resolution at the following address: Center for Complaint Resolution, Nævnenes House, Toldboden 2, Viborg, 8800.

Please note that if you are a consumer living in a different EU country than Denmark, you can submit a complaint via the European Commission's complaint portal online at EC.Europa .EU/ODR.

Children and adolescents under the age of 18

By creating a membership with Bon Petit you confirm that you are over 18, according to our terms. If you are under 18, your parents must sign the registration and membership agreement. A parent can always terminate the agreement, regardless of whether the child or person under the age of 18 meets the age requirement. Individuals under the age of 18 can only buy products at regular prices and cannot create a membership in connection with purchases.

private policy

On Bon Petit we take the handling of personal data seriously. Once you have become a registered customer, we will store your name, your address, your phone number and your email address securely in an electronic register. Only Authorized Bon Petit Customer Service Employees have access to this information.

The purpose of storing this personal data is to ensure smooth delivery of your orders. We also retain personal data to comply with the Accounting Act, which provides that accounting materials must be preserved for five years from the end of the current financial year.

We always ask for your consent and provide transparency for the information we store before we register additional personal information with Bon Petit.

Customer information is always sent in encrypted form to protect your privacy.

registered customers with Bon Petit, member or not, have the right to object to storing all personal information and access to the information we have registered. You have rights under the Personal Data Act (GDPR), and we welcome all questions or wishes for further information regarding this. Feel free to contact us at hej@bonpetit.se for help.

If you sign up for our newsletter, we will only register your email address and in some cases your first name. No further information is needed. We will not reveal your email address to any other party except the above-mentioned companies. Your information is secure at Bon Petit.

cookies on Bon Petit

On Bon Petit we use cookies to improve your experience on our site. This allows you to easily log in and see relevant products and new offers during your visit to Bon Petit.

cookies are small files that contain information about your past or current customer status, the products you have looked at and other information related to your behavior or interests on our website. These files are stored on your PC, Macintosh, tablet or mobile phone.

It is important to note that cookies cannot identify you as a person but instead recognize your device and ensure that you get an optimized version of our website on Bonpetit. see. Usually we store cookies for up to 12 months.

On Bon Petit we use cookies for tracking, preferences and technical purposes. These cookies help us to monitor the site's performance, improve the user experience and improve marketing efforts.

During your visit to our site you may encounter different categories of cookies. Some of them are as shown below:

first-party cookies

These cookies are set by Bon Petit. For the most part, they are absolutely necessary for you to move around on the site and use its features.

third party cookies

In addition to our use of these applications, some third parties and connected partners can set up and access cookies on your computer along with web signals.

Google Analytics

Bon Petit uses cookies from Google Analytics to track traffic on the site in order to improve the site. Google Analytics Cookie contains a retargeting cookie. With Retargeting, Google stores a cookie on your computer/device.

Google adwords

Google AdWords Cookie is used to track conversations from advertisements in Google search networks and in Google's display networks, as well as for Retargeting. Retargeting is anonymous orientation of ads in Google Display Network.


Facebook cookie is used for behavioral advertising online and for conversion tracking in conjunction with Facebook ads.


Bon Petit uses Hubspot for marketing and CRM tracking. Hubspot's tracking code indicates the following cookies, which you can read more about on their website.

website statistics

You always have the opportunity to set up your browser so that it gives a warning when you get a cookie. Please note that you also have the option to turn off the use of cookies completely in your browser.

If you want to delete your cookies, this can be done from your browser's settings. If you have any questions about your cookies, you can always contact Bon Petit at hej@bonpetit.se

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