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Activitynest, grey

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Filibabba Activity Nest, Grey

A Filibabba Activity Nest has touched the hearts of families with children, and that is certainly not without reason. Filibabba Activity Nest in Gray is everything you need when you have a baby, and then some. In fact, there is almost no baby equipment that cannot be replaced by a Filibabba Activity Nest in grey. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is almost indispensable in a family with children.

Filibabba Activity nest - The multifunctional activity nest in grey

The Filibabba Activity Nest has so many functions that it is the perfect choice for the newest member of the family. The Filibabba Activity Nest grows with the child, because you can transform it in several ways, as your child develops and needs change. The Filibabba activity nest can function as a playpen, activity rug with activity stand, play rug and baby nest.


- Dimensions: 80x80x60 cm / 120x120 cm

- Material: 100% organic cotton and 100% polyester

- Closure: Leather buckle

Filibabba Activity Nest in Gray grows with the child

With Filibabba Activity Nest, you don't have to go out and buy several different products for your baby, because you get everything in one! Filibabba Activity nest in gray contains many of the things that a family with children needs in everyday life.

A Filibabba Activity Nest has a built-in activity stand, which helps the child to stimulate his senses. Your baby can spend many hours lying down and looking up at all the nice toys that you can hang on the activity stand. When your baby is no longer interested in the activity stand, it can be easily removed.

The sides of a Filibabba activity nest in gray can be folded down, and then it becomes a good and large play rug. You can use the fine play mat for many years, because the child can play all kinds of games on his play mat. When the sides are folded up, you can both use a Filibabba Activity nest as a playpen or baby nest.

Filibabba Activity nest Gray has many functions - play mat, activity mat, playpen and baby nest

Filibabba Activity nest in gray for all children

A Filibabba Activity Nest in Gray can easily be passed down from child to child, because it has such a nice and neutral color that it can be used for both boys and girls. Filibabba Activity Nest in Gray also fits in very well in the modern home, where it will not take the focus away from the rest of the interior.

The Filibabba Activity Nest is made of good materials, which is why it is incredibly durable. A Filibabba Activity Nest can last for many years, where it can follow your child. If you want more children, a Filibabba Activity Nest can easily be passed down from child to child.

100% organic product for children

A Filibabba Activity Nest in Gray is made from 100% organic cotton, which is both gentle on the child's sensitive skin and the environment. Filibabba Aktivitetsnest is GOTS certified, and therefore it has undergone an environmentally correct and gentle production, right from the harvest to the finished product. You can therefore buy a Filibabba Activity Nest in Gray for your child with peace of mind and a clear conscience.

A baby nest for twins

As I said, the Filibabba Activity Nest can also be used as a baby nest, because it is soft for the child to lie in, at the same time as it has soft edges and a good size. Therefore, a Filibabba Activity nest is also very good to use as a baby nest for twins, so that they can lie together and feel safe.