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Vi kör just nu en majrea 😍 Spara 20-93% på nästan allting 🚀

Play gym

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Activity stand from Moulin Roty in nature. The perfect activity stand for baby

When you become parents of a little one, you will no doubt want to find the toy that is best for your child. The toy must always be suitable for the child's developmental level, and it must also be suitable for the child's age. An activity stand is a super practical accessory for very young children. The activity stand will not only stimulate your child's senses, the motor skills will also develop in step with the child's interest in learning new things.

The question often arises as to when your child will enjoy the most from an activity stand, and this will often vary. When your child is around 8-10 weeks, he will slowly start to be more aware of his surroundings, and here it will be sensible to introduce the toddler to an activity stand for babies for the first time. With this natural activity stand from Moulin Roty, your child will expand his impressions by focusing on all the fine toys you can buy and hang on.

The smart thing about the activity stand from Moulin Roty is that it comes without toys, in discreet natural colours, that way you can choose the toys yourself and easily vary them, so that your child can constantly expand his impressions. At the same time that the activity rack does not take up too much space in connection with your child's impression. It is an advantage when your child is only 8-10 weeks old, not to hang too many toys on the activity stand, because the child can easily be overstimulated. The child is only just learning to be aware of his surroundings, so there will always be many impressions for the small child.

It is recommended that you only use the activity stand for shorter time intervals, while also keeping an eye on your child's signals. This could be, for example, when the child starts to turn his head away from the activity stand, or if your child starts to lie down very restlessly. You can add more and more toys as your child's vision develops, so that both colors and shapes are interesting and seem clearer to the child. With a wooden activity stand, you can always add more toys as your child develops.

Later, your child will start to reach for the toy, here you can advantageously add some toys that hang a little lower, so your child can develop his senses by touching the different things. The child will often start reaching for the toys on the activity stand when the child approaches 3-6 months. These movements not only strengthen your child's body control, but also the motor development and coordination of the child's body. At this age, your child will also be able to lie for longer periods of time and look at his Moulin Roty activity stand.

When your child is around 7-8 months old, it is not certain that your child will want to lie down and look at the baby activity stand any longer. Your child would rather do something active there and explore the rest of the home.

Your child will therefore have the most enjoyment from his activity stand when the child is between 2-7 months. However, it can always vary, because children develop differently, and at very different rates. Therefore, you can easily experience that your child can enjoy the activity stand for a longer time, but you can also experience that your child enjoys it for a shorter time, but this is usually the case with children.

With this Moulin Roty activity stand in nature, you are guaranteed quality. The activity stand is made of wood, which is both extremely durable and really hard-wearing. The activity stand from Moulin Roty can therefore easily be passed down for generations, so there can always be a funny story and a bit of nostalgia with it when new little people join the family. The Moulin Roty activity stand for babies is made of treated beech wood and here it is seen in the beautiful natural color that fits into any Nordic home.

The activity stand measures 50x60 cm, and can therefore be used for a long time.