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Ballet bag

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Ballet bag

This fine ballet bag is from By Tiger Tribe, which is an Australian brand. By Tiger Tribe makes toys for children aged 0-12 years, so if your child is this age, By Tiger Tribe is the perfect brand when it comes to toys and other products for children. By Tiger Tribe has a clear vision to create imaginative and fun products for children, which is especially expressed in this beautiful and imaginative ballet bag.


- Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 12

- Color: Pink

- 2 Straps

A bag full of flowers

This ballet bag for children can bring joy into any situation, as it is designed with the finest flowers that send us straight back to warm summer evenings. The beautiful flowers with which the ballet bag is decorated give the bag a lively and imaginative look, which is why there are also a lot of little girls who will love it.

At the bottom of this beautiful ballet bag for children, there is the finest checkered pattern, which contrasts well with the fine flowers you also find on the bag. This is why this ballet bag has a fresh expression, and thus it can freshen up any boring outfit for your child.

A bag for children full of possibilities

This ballet bag from By Tiger Tribe can be used for many different things, and is therefore very practical for your child to have. In the bag, there is plenty of space for storing everything that your child needs to take with them. At the same time, the large space in the bag also gives your child a good overview of what is in the bag, so that nothing is hidden in small spaces.

This ballet bag for children can be used both if the child is going to the ballet, where the child needs to have both clothes and ballet shoes with them. But the bag is also really good to use as a weekend bag for children if the family is going on a trip or the child is going on a weekend.

A bag with good comfort for children

This ballet bag from By Tiger Tribe is designed with practical elements, which will certainly be an advantage when the child needs to use the bag. The ballet bag from By Tiger Tribe is equipped with two nice leather handles, which are both good for carrying the bag in, and which can also come over the child's shoulder, so it is really easy for the child to carry.

The soft handles mean that it does not hurt the child to carry the bag even if there is a lot in it. Therefore, it is really easy for the child to have it with them when you are going on a trip or the child is going to sports activities. The handles have a nice pink colour, so they go really well with the rest of the bag's colours, and thus a red thread is created through the whole bag, with the nice color combination.

A good sports bag for children

This ballet bag has a spaciousness that makes it perfect to use as a sports bag when your child is going to sports activities or when your child has sports at school. There is plenty of space for both sports clothes and shoes, so your child can easily carry everything the child needs for sports. At the same time, its beautiful design will stand out from the other children's sports bags, and in this way your child can easily find her bag when she has finished playing her sport.