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Libero Comfort 5

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Libero Comfort 5

The brand Libero, which is produced by the Swedish brand Essity, is particularly known for their high-quality diapers, which are also Swan-labelled. Essity is known for making hygiene and health products, which is why you get a well-thought-out diaper for your child. With a Libero Comfort 5 nappy, you get a nappy which has been created with a great focus on functionality and practical properties, so that it feels nice and hassle-free for your child to wear a nappy.

When Libero created their Libero Comfort 5 nappy, it was with a big focus on the environment. Libero wants to have as low an environmental impact as possible, and therefore they have a great focus both on production and the materials used for Libero Comfort 5 nappies. Therefore, you can easily buy a Libero Comfort 5 nappy, with a clear conscience and peace of mind.


- Size: 5

- Weight: 10-14 kg

- Swan-labelled and FSC-Certified

- Recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic

- Lotion Free

- Dermatologically tested

Practical diapers in high quality

If you have a child, you probably already know about Libero. Libero is known for their extremely high quality and the Swan-labelled nappies for children. With Libero Comfort 5, you get a nappy that has optimal quality and function all in one, so your child can get the best nappies. Libero Comfort 5 is a suitable nappy if your child weighs between 10 and 14 kg.

Libero Comfort 5 is equipped with a smart velcro closure, so you can quickly and easily change the child's nappy. In this way, you quickly get over the situation that often arises when the child needs to have his nappy changed. There are not many children who have the patience for a long nappy change, and therefore it is a good idea to choose a nappy where it is quick when the child needs to have a nappy changed.

A diaper that fits your child perfectly

Libero Comfort 5 is created with a smart velcro closure on the side that allows you to easily adapt the nappy to your child. The smart velcro closure also makes it easy for you when the child has to put the nappy on and off. At the same time, a Libero Comfort 5 nappy is both soft and thin, and therefore does not get in the way when your child needs to move, as some other nappies can.

In the sides of a Libero Comfort 5 diaper, there is a smart stretch that means that no matter how the child sits, the diaper will not tighten around the child's stomach. The soft waist elastic means that the child gets an extremely comfortable and flexible fit, which is both nice for the child to wear, while also preventing leakage both day and night.

A diaper in the right size for your child

The Libero Comfort range is one of the most popular ranges from Libero and is available in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, so you can keep using Libero Comfort nappies even as your child grows. With these sizes, the weight range will overlap, so you can always find a Libero Comfort nappy that fits your child, and your child will therefore never be between two sizes.

Libero Comfort fits all children regardless of size and weight, and therefore you can treat your child to a soft and flexible nappy throughout the nappy period. Libero Comfort has good absorbency so that your child does not experience discomfort when using the nappy, while they are made of a breathable material so that the child's skin is kept dry around the clock.

The Libero Comfort Diapers

The Libero Comfort series is one of the families' favorite series from Libero, and this is especially so because they are known for being flexible nappies that suit active young children. The Libero Comfort nappies have a thin and very flexible core, which has small channels. The small channels help ensure that the nappy fits correctly on your child, so that it seems most comfortable to wear.

Libero Comfort 5 keeps your child dry around the clock, as it is incredibly leak-proof. At the same time, the Libero Comfort diapers are made of breathable materials that keep your child dry all day long. Libero Comfort 5 has both soft and double leakage barriers, and therefore you can confidently trust that a Libero Comfort 5 nappy will keep your child dry.