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Libero Touch No. 3

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Libero Touch No. 3

Libero Touch 3 is probably one of the most amazing diapers your child could wish for. At Libero, you get safe diapers for your child, which are created in a sustainable way. At the same time, the nappies are both Swan-labelled and FSC-certified, so you can use Libero Touch 3 for your child with peace of mind. Libero Touch 3 is suitable for babies who no longer fall under the newborn category. With Libero Touch 3, you get a good quality nappy because all children deserve the best.


- Weight: 5-9 kg

- Closure: Velcro

- Swan-labelled and FSC-certified

- Recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic

- Lotion Free and dermatologically tested

A Swan-labelled nappy

Libero Touch 3 is a Swan-labelled nappy which is both gentle on the child's skin, while also being among the least environmentally harmful products in their product group. When Libero Touch 3 is created, only electricity from renewable energy sources is used in the diaper factories. That way, you can buy a Libero Touch 3 with a good conscience towards the environment.

A perfect diaper for your child

With Libero Touch 3, you get diapers in Libero's absolute softest, thinnest and most gentle materials. These materials thus protect your baby's sensitive skin, while allowing the skin to breathe. In this way, you reduce the risk of redness and irritated skin in your child, which can make it uncomfortable for the child to wear a nappy. Therefore, you get both safety and comfort for your child when you choose to use Libero Touch 3 nappies.

The soft and thin materials in which this nappy is made means that the nappy adapts smoothly to every movement that your child makes. In this way, the child has ample opportunity to move freely, without the nappy getting in the way of this.

A Libero Touch 3 diaper has an elastic waist, which makes the diaper feel as if it is tailored around the child's stomach. Libero Touch 3 diapers have this wonderful elastic waist, which is why they are both soft and adapt to the child's back and sides, so that the child's small body is gently embraced.

The environment is highly valued at Libero

At Libero, they constantly strive to reduce their climate impact, which is also reflected in their production and products. In their packaging, more than 50% are renewable materials, and their FSC certification ensures that the diapers involve responsible forestry that must ensure a sustainable society.

On the nappy there is a practical and popular wetness indicator that shows when the nappy needs to be changed by changing colour. This indicator also helps you care for your baby's skin by keeping it dry but still allowing the skin to breathe. At the same time, the nappies are also in mild and earthy colours, which cannot be seen through bright clothes.