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Drinking bottle glitter blue

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Drinking jug, Blue Mica - 300 ml.

This cute drinking bottle with straw from Petit Monkey is filled with magical glitter. The drinking bottle has a nice blue lid, and the drinking bottle itself is clear and filled with blue glitter. With the beautiful and magical blue colour, this Petit Monkey drinking bottle with straw is suitable for both girls and boys, who will love to look at the beautiful glitter that swirls around when the child drinks from its drinking bottle.

This drinking bottle with glitter, blue, has a smart straw, which makes it easy for children of all ages to use it. That is why it is the perfect drinking bottle for children, because its design both speaks to the child, while at the same time it is really easy for your child to use.


- Color: Blue

- Material: Tritan Plastic

- Can contain 300 ml

- Free of BPA and phthalates

- Dimensions: 18 x 7 cm

- Not dishwasher safe

A beautiful glitter drinking bottle

This drinking bottle with straw and glitter has a transparent cavity filled with swirling glitter. The glitter will move when the child drinks from their drinking bottle, shakes it, indeed with even the slightest movement, which makes this drinking bottle for children so magical to look at.

This drinking bottle with straw sparkles so beautifully in the light that any child will be fascinated to look at it. When the drinking bottle is stationary, the glitter slowly falls to the bottom and as soon as it is in motion, the glitter swirls around again. Therefore, your child is guaranteed to spend a long time sitting and looking at his drinking bottle with glitter.

A drinking bottle that is perfect for children

This drinking bottle for children can contain 300 ml, and therefore it will not be too heavy for the small child to easily hold the drinking bottle while drinking from it. Petit Monkey Drinking jug Glimmer fits very well for small children's hands, and therefore it is very good for children. It is easy to hold and at the same time very easy for the child to handle.

To drink from this drinking bottle with straw, the child simply tilts the straw up and it is ready to drink from. It also means that the child does not have to screw anything to open it, and therefore it is also really easy for the child to close again, so you avoid the whole bag being filled with water.

Drinking bottle for children without chemicals

This drinking bottle with glitter, blue, is completely free of BPA, and you can therefore safely let your child drink from the drinking bottle. BPA is an endocrine-disrupting substance that can be harmful for the child to consume. It is therefore preferable that you choose a drinking bottle for children without BPA, such as this Glimmer drinking bottle, blue, from Petit Monkey.

With a Glimmer Drinking Bottle, Blue, you also get a drinking bottle that is free of PVC and phthalates, which is why it is a really good drinking bottle for both big and small children. PVC is environmentally hazardous waste and phthalates are both endocrine-disrupting and reproductively toxic. Since our children are the most precious thing we have, we would of course prefer to avoid any toxic substances getting into the little bodies. You can therefore confidently choose a drinking bottle, Blue Mica from Petit Monkey for your child, because it is not filled with dangerous chemicals.

Drinking bottle, Blue Mica, with straw

This drinking bottle, Blue Glimmer, has a smart straw and is very practical for children. Many children find it really fun to drink with a straw, and therefore with this drinking bottle with a straw, you can encourage your child to drink plenty of water during the day. The straw is attached to the lid of the drinking bottle and can easily be bent down so that water does not run out of the drinking bottle.

Drinking bottle cleaning, Blue Mica

The lid with the straw can be difficult to clean completely, but here you can use a toothbrush to your advantage. The toothbrush can get into all the little nooks and crannies and ensure that the lid is completely clean, so that your child can drink from a clean drinking bottle.

The entire drinking bottle from Petit Monkey must be washed by hand, as it cannot be machine washed. It doesn't do that because the water can seep into the cavity where the glitter is, and then the bottle will be destroyed. You should also be aware that because the drinking bottle for children has a cavity, it is more susceptible to shocks, therefore the drinking bottle must be handled carefully.

Avoid dropping the glitter drinking bottle on the floor, and you will achieve a longer life for this children's drinking bottle. It is recommended that the drinking bottle is not used by children under the age of 3, precisely because this drinking bottle is a little more fragile and can therefore break more easily if it is dropped.