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Pear braided storage, small

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Pear basket. The popular storage basket from Ferm Living

This smart wicker pear basket will decorate any children's room. The cute pear basket will add an adventurous touch to your child's room. Your child will undoubtedly think it's fun to have a pear in a large size, which you can also put things in. The cute pear basket has a creative and playful design, while at the same time it is a practical basket that can used for storage.

The smart Ferm Living bulb is multifunctional and can be used to store both teddy bears, blankets and toys, while also being used to decorate the children's room. The wicker basket from Ferm Living will give the children's room a very modern and playful look. Children often find it fun when the things they know from everyday life can be implemented in the interior design and even in larger versions than they normally know them.

With this smart little pear basket from Ferm Living, you create more space and order in the children's room, without making the children's room boring. This bulb will break the rest of the interior, with its fun and adventurous expression. This pear from Ferm Living is also super fun for the children to explore, and at the same time you can inspire your child to eat more fruit because it looks like a pear.

With this bulb from Ferm living, you are sure that you will get a delicious product. Ferm Living has a strong focus on the home being a place where we can be ourselves. With this fun bulb, there is room for the children to let their imaginations run wild and have fun. The nice little bulb from Ferm Living will inspire the children to many fun games.

Through their products, Ferm Living wants to balance life's contrasts and create calm. It must be said that they do this through this fine braided light bulb, because it both has a fun expression, but at the same time also an enormously calm design, which will create calm in the children's room. Ferm Living has created this fun little bulb to create an authentic and calm atmosphere in the children's room. In this way, the small Ferm Living bulb will add exciting shapes, breathtaking patterns and unique details to the children's room. Your child can easily immerse himself in this small pear basket from Ferm Living by looking at it.

With this cute light bulb, you can easily create a children's room that suits your child perfectly. You can do this by adding a funny pear basket for the funny child. When you choose this pear basket from Ferm Living, you get Danish design, which is produced with love.

Ferm Living draws on the charm of retro and adds an edge to the products so that they become modern at the same time.

This Ferm Living basket is woven from rattan, which is a type of grass that grows quickly. Rattan contributes to preserving the rainforest, and so rattan is strong, flexible and extremely durable. The fine pear basket can be kept clean with a damp cloth, and if it loses its shine over the years, it can be wiped over with ordinary furniture oil. In this way, this pear basket will be a product that you and your family can enjoy for many years.

This Ferm Living pear basket is hand-woven, so there may be variations in appearance, which makes each pear basket unique.

The small pear basket from Ferm Living measures 19 x 30 cm and is perfect for the child's small toys, so you always know where you have them.